The Great Green Crab Hunt

It is important to know when and where the highest concentrations of green crabs can be found when developing a green crab fishery. Therefore, potential fishers can more efficiently fish for these crustaceans and researchers can more accurately track their removal efforts. Additionally, to develop a soft-shell fishery in the U.S. we need to deepen our understanding of the crab’s molting patterns.

Become a citizen scientists and join the NH Green Crab Project in “The Great Green Crab Hunt”. Hunts are open to the public and are held once a month between April and October. Citizen scientists are trained how to use a data collecting app and collect measurements, how to handle and identify crabs, and how to distinguish between males and females.


Shuck & Sort

Assist The Maine, NH, and MA Green Crab Projects in producing soft-shell crab and shucking for caviar. Soft-shell volunteers will be trained on identifying pre-molt crabs and sort alongside project members and Venetian fishermen. Caviar volunteers will be trained on shucking crabs for Mazanetta, the Venetian word for roe.

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Become a Recipe Fellow

We are constantly seeking new partners in recipe development. Interested in working with us to create new dishes and preparation techniques?

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