Caviar/Masinette: Seasonally available (often in the Fall), shucked from only female crabs 

Soft-Shell Crab/Moeche: Seasonally available (often in the Spring/Summer)

Stock & Broth: Can be prepared year-round

Meat/Hard-Shell Recipes:  Can be prepared year-round 


  • Some of these recipes call for picking apart and preparing live crabs. To make the process easier, try freezing the crabs for at least 2 hours or until the crabs are completely still. 

  • We recommend wearing gloves when sorting green crabs. You’ll avoid getting pinched and have an easier time picking up crabs. 

  • No gloves? Hold the crab with two fingers firmly on the outer points of the carapace to prevent a pinch. 

  • Always thoroughly rinse hard-shell crabs prior to cooking. 


  • Green crabs can survive for weeks out of water so proper storage and containment is very important. To prevent escape & possible reintroduction, ensure they are stored in a sturdy container with air-holes. A crab basket, burlap sack or plastic storage container with holes will work well. 

  • Keep crabs in the fridge or comparably cool space and use within 1 week.

  • If purchasing directly from a fisherman, ensure your green crabs aren’t stored with other species or fish racks.