Freezing, Thawing, & Trimming Soft-Shell Green Crab

With Greenpoint Fish & Lobster

Saint Julivert Fisherie’s Green Crab Scrambled Eggs

Chef Alex Raij’s newest recipe highlights green crab caviar in a delicious scramble.

Beer Battered

Soft Shell Sandwich

Summer is here! Celebrate with moeche.

Moeche: Venetian Style Soft Shell Green Crab

Whole, fried, soft-shell green crab. Recipe by Jonathan Taggart.

Masinette: Green Crab Caviar

Recipe by Shot by Jamie Bassett and Anne Vetter.

New England Style She-Crab Soup

A Chesapeake classic with a New England Twist.

Masinette & Linguine

With fresh tarragon and campari tomatoes. Recipe by Solón Argüello and Mary Parks.

Classic Green Crab Stock

The basic recipe that started it all.